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Legend of Mt. Kanlaon | Alamat

Legend (Alamat) of Mt. Kanlaon 

There once lived a good king in the land of Negros in the Visayan Islands. He ruled over a prosperous kingdom. His subjects were industrious farmers, who tilled the soil well.

He was kind and just, and was loved by all. The farmers, without complaining, generously gave of their share of every harvest for the king to live on and run their country.

One day, however, the heavens just opened up, and a deluge of rain kept pouring down. It would not let up and stop. The people worried about about their families as the floodwater continued to rise.

In the beginning the rainwater went up to their ankles, then up to their knees, then up to their waist, and then up to their necks.

The king became worried about his people. He did not mind if the crops were flooded and destroyed. He was more concerned about the people he loved. What if they all drowned and died?

He hough and thought of ways to solve the problem. Then he came up with an idea. He called ll the able-bodied men nd told them of his solution. "Let us build a big mound of earth", he suggested.

"Your highness, we have no tools," the men protested.

The king forthwith waved his wand. Lo! There appeared picks and shovels.

"Your highness, we have no stones. We need stones to surround and fence the soil so it will not wash away," they further protested.

The king waved his wand once more, and there appeared everything that they needed to build the mound of earth.

The men then started building the mountain of soil. When they had finished, the king ordered to live atop the man-made mountain until the flood subsided and the dry land began to appear once again.

At the same time that the people tried to escape the rising floodwaters,a big beast of snake also tried to seek shelter and safety in the mountain forest. This monster was unusual in that it had seven heads nd blazing yellow eyes in each head. From its many nostrils poured big clouds of smoke in the daytime, and huge blasts of fire at night.

Now, there came to the mountain a young man, whose name was Kan, and was not only brave, but also handsome.

"Don't be afraid. I will kill the dreaded beast," he promised the people.

The king was very happy. he offered the young man plenty of treasures, as well as the hand in marriage of his beauiful daughter, Mila. She had falled in love wih the courageous young man as soon as she first laid eyes on him.

The mysterious stranger turned out to have great power over animals. So he called on the hordes of ants, and commanded the, "Crawl all over its body, and bite it."

He caled on the bees, and commanded them, "Cover its fiery eyes and sting them until they can no longer see!"

He called on the crows, and commanded them, "Peck on its heads nd body until it dies!"

The hordes of animals and insects followed his commands and finally killed the beast. Kan took the limp dead body of the snake and offered it to the king Lon. The ruler was delighted at the death of the monster that was burning their crops and eating their animals.

There was general rejoicing in the kingdom, and soon everything returned to normal.

The beast was dead. The flood has subsided.

The crops were soon growing very well again. Prosperity was returning to the kingdom. Kan received his reward of riches and Princess Mila became his happy bride.

For all these bounty and blessings, the grateful people named the man-made mountain to "Kan-Laon", this was later shortened to "Kanlaon."

This is why we now have Mt. Kanlaon.

Mt. Kanlaon

Legend of Mt. Kanlaon

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