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Talambuhay ni Gregorio Del Pilar

Gregorio del Pilar

talambuhay ni gregorio del pilar

(1875 - 1899)

Gregorio del Pilar was born in Bulakan, Bulakan on November 14, 1875. The Hero of Tirad Pass was the son of Don Fernando H. del Pilar and Felipa Sempio.

He studied under the tutelage of Maestro Monico. He also studied at the school of Pedro Serrano Laktaw. He went to Ateneo de Manila University after finishing his secondary education where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Gregorio came from a wealthy family but his eyes were opened from the injustices aroud him. Added to this were the nationalistic books and newspapers sent to him by his cousin Marcelo.

He was only 19 years old when he joined the Katipunan. He became a leader of the rebellion despite his young age because of his exceptional ability and bravery. Soon, he was promoted to colonel status. At age 22, he was already a brigadier general.

Gregorio and his men made an assault in the town of Bulakan to get rid of the Americans. They followed it with an attack in Quingwa (now Plaridel). They were able to win over the Americans notwithstanding their small number.

The most colorful part of his life took place in Tirad Pass. Tirad Pass was the passageway to Aguinaldo's hideout. Gregorio's group was assigned to defend it.

He showed his fearless character. In spite of handful followers, only 60 men. They defended Tirad Pass against the Americans contingent composed of more than 400 soldiers.

A Filipino traitor showed the way to the location of the young general. The Americans gunned him down to his death. The date was December 2, 1899. 

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