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Talambuhay ni Miguel Malvar


Miguel Malvar

(1865 - 1911)

Miguel Malvar was remembered in history as the last Filipino general who surrendered to the Americans. He was born in San Miguel, Sto, Tomas, Batangas on September 7, 1865. His parents were Maximo Malvar and Tiburcia Carpio. Miguel was the eldest among three children.

Malvar came from a wealthy family. He could have studied in Manila but he had to help his parents managed their properties and workers. He even had to stop schooling to concentrate on the family business. He was only able to finish second year high school.

In 1885, he married Maula Maloles, a childhood friend.

He was attending some business transaction in Manila when he learned of the secret society founded by Andres Bonifacio. He joined organization because he believed in what it was fighting for.

When the revolution started off and reached Sto. Tomas, Batangas in August 1896, Malvar gallantly led a group of men who fought with the Spaniards. They attacked and took over Spanish garrisons.

He directed the uprisings in Indang, Bailen, Magallanes and Alfonso at Cavite. He was appointed Commandaing General in Batangas on March 31, 1897 because of his skill and bravery.

The signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato ended the hostility between the Spaniards and the Filipinos. The Spaniards surrendered Manila to the Americans on August 13, 1898. 

However, the attained peace was short lived. Another uprising threatened the freedom of the Filipinos had just started to enjoy. Malvar once again gathered men who were willing to offer their for the country.

In May 1899, the Malvar Batangas bridge was directed to attack an American garrison in Muntinlupa. They succeeded.

It was only in January 1900 when Malvar's Army suffered defeat from the Americans. They endured continuous defeats, hunger, fatigue, ailments and lack of arms. His men started to get sick. Being a humble leader, Malvar, his loyal followers and their families laid down their arms together and surrendered to the Americans for the sake of his men. This was April 16, 1902.

Since then, Malvar lived as an ordinary farmer with his family. He died on October 13, 1911.

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