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Talambuhay ni Panday Pira


Panday Pira

(1488 - 1576)

Panday Pira was the first Filipino cannon maker. He was born in 1488 in one of the islands in the southern part of the Philippines.

He was a popular blacksmith and cannon maker. He was tasked by his fellowmen to make cannons for them, which they used against the foreigners. He learned the craft from the Chinese and Arab traders who were then staying at Lamayan, Sta. Ana, Manila.

Panday Pira moved to Pampanga when Martin de Goiti stormed Manila. He returned to the city because the Spaniards sent for him. They ordered him to make cannons.

He died in 1576 at the age of 88. In recognition of the contribution of Panday Pira to the country, a place in Tondo was named after him.


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