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Mga Tula (Filipino Poems)

A piece of composition in writing which play a part of the nature of both speech and song that is usually rhythmical, metaphorical, and often shows such formal rudiments as measure, rhyme, and stanzaic arrangement. Poem is something that arouses resilient emotions of the heart of the poet (writer) because of its splendour.

Makata is poet in Filipino. In history, there many makata who have contributed much to the poetry literature of the Filipinos. Some of the famous Filipino poets are: José Corazón de Jesús, who was known as Huseng Batute, he wrote the poems Bayan Ko (My Country), Ang Posporo ng Diyos (Matchstick of God), Agaw Dilim (Twilight) and many others; Clodualdo del Mundo was a Liwayway editor, critic, scholar, and head of Taliba ng Inang Wika, he wrote the poem Ang Kanyang mga Mata; Rolando Tinio is Philippine National Artist for Theater and Literature and was in the first cluster of inductees into the Palanca Hall of Fame in 1995. He wrote the poems Sitsit sa Kulilig (Whistling at Cicadas in 1972), Dunung-Dunungan (Pedantry in 1975), Kristal na Uniberso (Crystal Universe in 1989) and Trick of Mirrors (1993). Jose Rizal who's the National Hero contributed several poems and the most famous is the Huling Paalam (My Last Farewell), a poem and the last piece of his literature he wrote before he was excuted. Andres Bonifacio, Ama ng Katipunan, wrote Bayang Tinubuan, a poem showing his true patriotism. Francisco Balagtas, is another great poet who wrote Florante at Laura.

Indeed, the Philippines has a very rich and colorful literature because ot their contributions!

Philippine literatures are part of our culture and one substance that make it unique are poems or mga tula.


mga tula

Halimbawa ng mga tula (Examples of Filipino Poems)