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Understanding the parts of speech is very important in knowing how words can be joined to connect together to make sentences that are correct, readable and understable. Without these rules or mechanics, it would be impossible to write or say something for someone to understand. It is the building block of any language. If you understand first the parts of speech, it will allow you to better identify and pinpoint how words are functioning in a sentence or phrase. Punctuating a sentence correctly often depends on the writer’s ability to correctly identify the function of a given word.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Pantukoy (Article) Administrator 592
2 Pang Abay (Adverb) Administrator 486
3 Pang Uri (Adjective) Administrator 441
4 Pandiwa (Verb) Administrator 574
5 Pang Halip (Pronoun) Administrator 444
6 Pang Ngalan (Noun) Administrator 408
7 Pang Ukol (Preposition) Administrator 555
8 Pangatnig (Conjunction) Administrator 484
9 Pang-angkop (Ligatures) Administrator 755