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Tagalog Songs with Lyrics 

Tagalog songs are part of Filipino culture and tradition. They describe native traits and characters which reflect the life and experience of Filipino ancestors during their time.

Music of the Tagalogs spices the life of the Filipino. Without it, life becomes mere routine and brings about boredom. Music is commonly used to relieve tension in embarrassing or emotion charged situations. Songs for the Filipino can be a kind of psychological therapy in times of difficulties, problems and untoward incidents.

For the Tagalogs, songs had touched every facets and aspects of one's life. There are songs for children, courtship and religion. Folksongs of the Tagalogs describe the simple life of the Filipinos. Such examples are: Hiliraw, a song of war; Talindaw at Suliranin, a song of fisherman; Sambotani, a song of victory. 

Songs and music of the Philippines are diverse and very individual to the many groups of different ethnicities. 

Tagalog music mirror the passionate character and behaviour of the Filipinos.

Here are the list of songs composed by well-known Filipino writers.